Papers to be considered for publication in ISEDJ/JISAR must first be submitted, accepted and presented at either the ISECON or CONISAR Conferences. A minimum of three double-blind peer reviews occurs for acceptance to be presented at the conferences.

After the conference, the top 15% of papers presented at the conference are automatically accepted into the journals. These award winning papers: best paper (1% of the pool); distinguished papers (7 to 8% of the pool); and meritorious (up to 15% of the pool) will be presented certificates at the conference.

The remainder of the papers submitted before the second submission date (usually July 15) that are accepted and presented at the conference are considered for publication following another round of reviews. Authors are given the opportunity to improve the quality of their manuscript based on conference feedback; the revised manuscripts are due back by December 31 of the conference year.  The reviews are normally complete by February 28 of the following year, and notice of acceptance or rejection are sent in early March.

These revised papers are submitted to a different team of reviewers and those papers that are deemed of sufficient quality are accepted for publication in the ISEDJ/JISAR journals. Thus these papers have been through a minimum of five different reviewers.

Currently the overall acceptance rate for the journals is 40%.

More information at:
ISEDJ (Information Systems Education Journal) and JISAR (Journal on Information Systems Applied Research)

31st2014Baltimore MD
30th2013San Antonio TX
29th2012 New Orleans LA
28th2011Wilmington NC
27th2010Nashville TN
26th2009Washington DC
25th2008Phoenix AR
24th2007Pittsburgh PA
23rd2006Dallas TX
22rd2005Columbus OH
21st2004Newport News RI
20th2003San Diego CA
19th2002San Antonio TX
18th2001Cincinnati OH
17th2000Philadelphia PA
16th1999Chicago IL
15th1998San Antonio TX
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13th1996St. Louis MO
12th1995Charlotte NC
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--1991*not held
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--1989*not held
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4th1985Houston TX
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*Note: CONISAR started in 2008 in Phoenix/Mesa, AZ