On behalf of the Officers and Board of Directors of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), I would like to extend our warmest wishes to the attendees of ISECON/CONISAR 2014, and welcome you to Baltimore, specifically the new and renovated Inner Harbor.

As many of you know, Baltimore was established in 1632 and the city founded in 1661. You should also be aware that our national anthem was penned by Francis Scott Key, in 1814. My last major visit was in 1983, to attend the DPMA National Conference.
Both ISECON and CONISAR are concurrent conferences, joined together to present the best information sessions for information systems educators and attendees. It is a privilege to attend the conference, and network with you.

ISECON is the largest continuously running conference for IS Educators. Presented papers are published in the conference proceedings and winning papers are published in the Information Systems Education Journal (ISEDJ) and Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE).

CONISAR focuses on research in real-world practical applications of information sciences, systems, and technology, and provides a valuable forum for both researchers and practitioners. Accepted papers are published in the conference proceedings and awarding winning papers are published in the Journal of Information Systems Applied Research (JISAR).

EDSIG is the organization that devotes itself specifically to IS (Information Systems) education. EDSIG's mission is to provide IS educators with the latest research in educational techniques, processes and technology. EDSIG is closely aligned with AITP, and we are proud to support as our largest sub-unit...surpassing the size of all other AITP chapters in the country.

The ISECON conference theme this year is “Shaping an Education Revolution”. The CONISAR conference theme is “Harnessing Disruptive Technologies”. There are three days of excellent presentations, workshops and networking events. I plan to attend as many as possible. Be sure to attend the EDSIG Fellows Reception on Thursday evening. What a great event for you, the information systems educators of today.


Again, on behalf of Association of Information and Technology Professionals, I want to thank you for your invitation to this premier education conference. Enjoy the conference with the presentations and celebrations.

Warmest Regards,

Michael L. Welch, CDP
2014 Association President
Association of Information Technology Professionals