Reviewers for the 2013 ISECON/CONISAR Conference

Thank you to the following individuals who assisted in improving the quality of our conferences.
Your timely reviews enable fellow academics to achieve higher levels of research productivity.

Adkins, Joni - Northwest Missouri State University
Afrasiabi Rad, Amir - University of Ottawa
Agostinelli, Serge - LSIS CNRS
Ajani, Taiwo - Robert Morris University
Auten, John - Towson University
Babb, Jeffry - West Texas A&M University
Baugh, Jeanne - Robert Morris University
Benyoucef, Morad - University of Ottawa
Berardi, Victor - Kent State University at Stark
Bilan, Thomas - Lawrence Technological University
Blundell, Gregory - Kent State University at Stark
Borkovich, D.Sc., CPCM, Debra - Robert Morris University
Breimer, Eric - Siena College
Brooks, Nita - Middle Tennessee State University
Burns, Timothy - Ramapo College of New Jersey
Ceccucci, Wendy - Quinnipiac University
Chawdhry, Adnan - California University of Pennsylvania
Comer, James - Texas Christian University
Cronin, Kyle - Dakota State University
Cummings, Jeffrey - University of North Carolina Wilmington
Dana, Kareem - West Texas A&M University
Davis, Christopher - USF Saint Petersburg
Debuse, Justin - University of the Sunshine Coast
Debuse, Valerie - Queensland Govt Dept of Agriculture
Draus, Peter - Robert Morris University
Ernst, Bruce - New Mexcio State University
Eweni, Samuel - Southern University at New Orleans
Fahy, Gregory - University of Maine at Augusta
Faja, Silvana - University of Central Missouri
Feinstein, David - University of South Alabama
Fiorentino, Susan R. - West Chester University
Flores, Javier - University of Texas Pan American
Frydenberg, Mark - Bentley University
Fryling, Meg - Siena College
Gai, Keke - Lawrence Technological University
Ganesan, Nanda - California State University, Los Angleles
Gao, Yuan - Ramapo College
Hammell II, Robert - Towson University
Henson, Kerry - University of Central Missouri
Hoanca, Bogdan - University of Alaska Anchorage
Howard, Elizabeth - Miami University
Humphrey, Roberta - Southeast Missouri State University
Hunsinger, Scott - Appalachian State University
Hwang, Drew - California State Polytechnic University
Ijeh, Anthony - A'Sharqiyah University
Imboden, Thomas - Southern Illinois University
Jafar, Musa - West Texas A&M University
Kamali , Ali - Missouri Western State University
Klein, Stephen
Kline, Douglas - University of North Carolina Wilmington
Kmetz, Karla - University of South Florida saint Petersburg
Kohun, Frederick - Robert Morris University
Korzaan, Melinda - Middle Tennessee State University
Kreie, Jennifer - New Mexico State University
Landry, Jeffrey - University of South Alabama
Lang, Guido - Quinnipiac University
Law, Wai Kin - University of Guam
Lawler, James - Pace University
Lawson, Simon - Queensland Govt Dept of Agriculture
Legier, John - Southern Illinois University
Liu, Xiang (Michelle) - Marymount University

Lombardo, Evelyne - Euromed Management
Longenecker, Bart - University of South Alabama
McAdams, Laurie - Tarleton State University
McAleer, Brenda - University of Maine at Augusta
McCarthy, Richard - Quinnipiac University
McCord, S. Alan - Lawrence Technological University
McMaster, Kirby - Lake Forest College
Miah, Muhammed - Southern University at New Orleans
Miah, Shah - Victoria University
Miko, John - St. Francis University
Mishra, Sushma - Robert Morris University
Molluzzo, John - Pace University
Murphy, Diane - Marymount University
Olsen, Eric - California Polytechnic University
Omar, Adnan - Southern University at New Orleans
Parzinger, Monica - St. Mary's University
Pauli, Wayne - Dakota State University
Paullet, Karen - Robert Morris University
Peslak, Alan - Penn State University
Petkova, Olga - Central Connecticut State University
Phillips, Jeremy N. - West Chester University
Pike, Ronald - Cal Poly Pomona University
Pinchot, Jamie - Robert Morris University
Pomykalski, James - Susquehanna University
Precourt, Peter - University of Maine at Augusta
Reames, Steve - A'Sharqiyah University
Redfield, Carol - St. Mary's University
Reinicke, Bryan - University of North Carolina Wilmington
Riemenschneider, Cynthia - Hankamer School of Business
Roggio, Robert - University of North Florida
Sagheb-Tehrani, Mehdi - Columbus state University
Sambasivam, Samuel - Azusa Pacific University
Saulnier, Bruce - Quinnipiac University
Schwieger, Dana - Southeast Missouri State University
Seib, J. Drew - Murray State University
Sena, James - California Polytechnic University
Sharp, Jason - Tarleton State University
Sherman, Cherie - Ramapo College of New Jersey
Shrestha, Sarin - Dakota State University
Siegfried, Robert - Adelphi University
Slauson, Gayla - Colorado Mesa University
Smarkusky, Debra - Penn State University
Smith, Michael - Georgia Institute of Technology
Snyder, Johnny - Colorado Mesa University
Soares, Andrey - Southern Illinois University
Sorkin, Sylvia - Community College of Baltimore County
Steenkamp, Annette - Lawrence Technological University
Stork, Elizabeth - Robert Morris University
Streff, Kevin - Dakota State University
Sun, Jun - University of Texas Pan American
Toman, Sharon - Penn State University
Unuakhalu, Michael - Kentucky State University
Vengerov, Alex - Ramapo College of New Jersey
Waguespack, Leslie - Bentley University
Wang, Ying - University of Texas - Pan American
Ward, Stephanie - St. Mary's University
Welch, O. Jim - St. Mary's University
Welch, Sandra - University of Texas, San Antonio
White, Garry - Texas State University-San Marcos
Wolthuis, Stuart - Brigham Young University-Hawaii
Wu, Peter - Robert Morris University