AITP President - Welcome to ISECON / CONISAR 2013


The Native American word for friend is Tejas.  The Spanish work for welcome is bienvenido.  As a native Texan, and on behalf of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), the Educational Special Interest Group (EDSIG) and the Foundation for Information Technology Education (FITE), bienvenido to ISECON/CONISAR 2013 my Tejas.

ISECON, held since 1982, is the largest continuously running conference for information systems educators and our continued commitment to provide the most relevant and timely information and tools, combined with our distinguished presenters and leading edge sponsors, truly makes ISECON the premier event to attend.

The theme of this year’s ISECON, held in conjunction with CONISAR, is Business Intelligence in a World of Big Data.  With the continuing expansion of business on the Internet intersecting with anywhere, anytime mobile communications and computing, dual challenges have been created  for IS education and business strategy: turning massive amounts of data into business insight.

During the conference, our thought leaders and subject matter experts will be discussing these overlapping challenges as well as how we, as IS educators, can help bridge the employment gap between graduates seeking IS careers and businesses seeking market advantage by training our graduates or retraining our experienced IT professionals with the skills that employers want. Companies today are searching for more than just a degree or the right technical skills – businesses are requiring business knowledge and soft skills.

Our 30th Annual Conference kicks off with a First Timers Welcome and EDSIG Fellows Reception and includes throughout the conference, several social and luncheon programs designed to foster collaboration among your fellow attendees in addition to our stellar line up of education sessions. In addition, we have scheduled tours and trips to visit the landmarks in San Antonio! We encourage you to visit the Alamo - you may be surprised just how small it is compared to what you see in the movies!  While the Alamo covered over ten acres, only the original mission church survives today.

Be sure and join us at our Friday luncheon to hear Distinguished Educator & Keynote Speaker Dr. Joseph Valacic, the Terry Valeski professor of MIS at the University of Arizona and the author of Information Systems Today, one of the top selling textbooks in the IS field.

Thank you for joining us for these three days of education and networking.  Together, we are empowered to support the information systems educators of today.
Bienvenido to San Antonio, my Tejas! 

Kindest Regards,

William Fly, CDP. CCP
2013 Association President
Association of Information Technology Professionals