Wilmington NC Cape Fear River

2011 ISECON / CONISAR Conferences
Shared Program Items

November 3 to 6, 2011
Wilmington North Carolina


Which Years/Events Were YOU at or Plan to be at?

30th2013San Antonio TX
29th2012New Orleans LA
28th2011Wilmington NC
27th2010Nashville TN
26th2009Washington DC
25th2008Phoenix AR
24th2007Pittsburgh PA
23rd2006Dallas TX
22rd2005Columbus OH
21st2004Newport News RI
20th2003San Diego CA
19th2002San Antonio TX
18th2001Cincinnati OH
17th2000Philadelphia PA
16th1999Chicago IL
15th1998San Antonio TX
14th1997Orlando FL
13th1996St. Louis MO
12th1995Charlotte NC
11th1994Louisville KY
10th1993Phoenix AZ
9th1992Nashville TN
--1991*not held
8th1990*Chicago IL
--1989*not held
7th1988Dallas TX
6th1987San Franciso CA
5th1986Atlanta GA
4th1985Houston TX
3rd1984Anaheim, GA
2nd1983Chicago IL
1st1982Chicago IL
*Note: CONISAR started in 2008 in Phoenix/Mesa, AZ